Hancock Land

Timberland Ownership Since 1848

In 1848, Hancock Lumber began their legacy by purchasing a 400-acre timber stand in Casco, Maine.  The company harvested Maine lumber from their land and hauled it to the Crooked River.

When manufacturing became an integral part of the business, steam engine portable mills powered were established, which traveled to harvest sites to collect trees. To this day, Hancock Land and Lumber companies remain the largest harvester and seller of timber in southern and southwestern Maine.  It takes 80 -100 years to grow an Eastern White Pine Tree to maturity, so despite the company’s 165+ history, Hancock Lumber has only been through two harvest cycles in its lifetime.  Hancock Lumber relies on natural regeneration to perpetuate growth and success of its Eastern White Pine tree forests.

If you are interested in land sales or purchasing opportunities, please contact:

(207) 627-2123
1267 Poland Spring Road, Casco, ME, 04015
Karyn Knights  / kknights@hancocklumber.com

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