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sawmillsThe Heart of Hancock Lumber: Patterns, Grades, Textures, Installation Guides + More! The Eastern White Pine tree has played an integral role in Maine, New England and our nation’s history dating back to the 17th century when the King of England declared Eastern White Pine trees within 10 miles of navigable waterways to be used for masts in its shipbuilding process. An important part of Maine’s building history and our company’s, Hancock Lumber has been sustainably growing and manufacturing this natu­ral resource in Maine for over 165 years! Its time-tested strength and durability live on today, as it continues to be the heart of Hancock Lumber! Learn more about this important building material online!


  • Grades. Being able to truly understand a pine grade from a sample or still photo is difficult. We have created a ‘virtual pack inspection’ which allows you to view 6 layers of a product pack, at multiple width increments. This tool gives you and your end user a true scope of the unique look each grade provides.
  • Patterns. Our planer and moulder capabilities are state-of-the-art, and our pattern library continues to grow! Architects and builders collaborate with our mill managers to create the pine board’s look and feel desired for the specific project. Explore our pat­tern library and specs online!
  • Textures. A great way to add a twist to a fa­miliar product is to change the texture. From rustic, deep grains to a smooth finish perfect for a painted application, texture adds a unique flare to our classic pine boards.
  • End Use Photography. View a gal­lery of completed pine projects utilizing various grades, textures and patterns. This versatile product is used in many creative ways right in our own back yard. We appreciate be­ing able to capture and share your work as a source of inspiration!
  • Installation Tips. Our online resource library continues to grow –from our pine product brochure to a handy instal­lation guide and a thorough step-by-step in­stallation video and end use photography—browse online to find important info + tips!
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