What’s in your board? Understanding the impact of building materials!  Learn more below about the contents of our Hancock Eastern White Pine boards. A species indigenous to Maine and the state’s official tree, Eastern White Pine has been Hancock’s signature product since it started doing business in 1848. Today, Maine’s landscape is 90% forest and Hancock Lumber continues to be a proud manufacturer of its treasured natural resource, Eastern White Pine. Hancock Lumber has been growing pine trees, responsibly managing timberlands, and manufacturing the logs into beautiful eastern white pine boards for nearly two centuries. Responsible timberland stewardship is critical. Throughout the company’s history, Hancock Lumber has only been through two complete harvest cycles as it takes 80 to 100 years to grow an eastern white pine tree to maturity! Hancock Lumber relies on natural regeneration to perpetuate growth and ensure the success of its forests.

Time-tested and all-natural, Eastern White Pine boards canvas New England architecture with both interior and exterior applications. On average, Eastern White Pine logs travel 50 miles or less from the forest to our sawmills. Once there, 100% of the raw material is utilized in the manufacturing process—from bark turned into mulch, sawdust used for pellets, and shavings as animal bedding, every fiber of each log is used.  Ask for Hancock Pine in your next construction project and feel great knowing you’re making an environmentally responsible choice!








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