Flooring + Mouldings


Let the experts at Home Again by Hancock Lumber educate and guide you through the world of flooring. We can help you select a material to enhance your room and ease your mind.  Of the many things to consider when purchasing new flooring for your home, these may be the most important: durability, stain resistance and style.

Comfort, ease of clean-up and overall looks are often the biggest considerations when choosing a floor for a high-traffic area like a kitchen or mudroom. We have options to suit your needs: vinyl, laminate, stone, ceramic, hardwood, linoleum and concrete just to name a few.


Explore Hancock Lumber’s complete moulding catalog to find the perfect finish for your space! Mouldings add character to your home, allowing you a multitude of options for expression. Whether you are trying to match a historical period, design in a modern aesthetic, or anything in between, mouldings help define your design. Looking for stock and pricing information? Click here to view our online inventory!



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