Hancock’s Made-in-Maine Component Manufacturing Solutions

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Component manufacturing solutions like prefabricated roof and floor trusses and wall panels save on framing time, labor costs, and help fast-track enclosing your projects, keeping you building year-round. Trust our team of trained designers to layout and customize your next wood component job.


Hancock’s wall panel team has the knowledge and experience to service any size commercial or residential project.  No job is too big or too small to benefit from the speed, quality and accuracy of Hancock’s panelized wall systems.  Trust our experts to build your panels correctly, paying attention to the finest details, ensuring walls are true and square.

Wall panelization projects save time and reduce waste, while also allowing for year-round building in a climate controlled environment, delivered to your job site the day you are ready to raise your walls.

  • Factory controlled environment. Building pre-constructed walls indoors, we can ensure the highest degree of measurement accuracy and structural integrity.
  • Built-to-order panels. We build all kinds of different wall configurations – exterior, interior, gable end walls, and dormers with door and window openings built-in. We will build panels to meet your specifications.
  • No special equipment or extra framing techniques required. Our pre-constructed walls go up quickly and easily, saving time and waste on the job. Every component is labeled and accompanied with a master plan to ensure each piece fits exactly into place.
  • Both residential and commercial applications.No job is too small or too big to benefit from the speed and quality of Hancock wall panels!
  • We deliver to your site.We build them and deliver them to your job site. They’re ready to go up the moment they arrive.

“We wanted to fast track the building schedule because we were getting close to the winter months.  The project was M.R. Brewer’s first time using wall panels and we were a little skeptical at first.  Now that we’ve done it and gone through the process, it was efficient, fast, cost effective and when we look back on our overall schedule, it shaved an estimated month off of construction time!”

– Matt Brewer | M.R. Brewer



Mainely Trusses is a roof and floor truss manufacturer located in Central Maine. Our convenient location allows us to effectively service clients throughout Maine, New Hampshire and beyond. Mainely Trusses is equipped to handle projects of all sizes. Our experienced and knowledgeable design staff has the ability to ensure that your project runs smoothly, no matter how complex it may be. Our careful and selective choices of materials and modern process and equipment allow us to deliver quality products on a consistent basis.


PRODUCTS: Mainely Trusses designs, engineers, manufactures and delivers roof and floor trusses to your exact requirements. All of our trusses are designed in house by our team of experienced designers. Using the latest in truss design software we are able to provide you with trusses of all sizes and shapes for your project. Never compromising quality, our trusses offer a unique mix of quality and value. When you purchase a truss from Mainely Trusses, you can be certain that you have purchased a product designed and manufactured with quality and safety in mind. All truss designs are reviewed by a licensed engineer, who is registered in the state the trusses are to be used.

ROOF TRUSSES: Roof trusses can be used on the simplest to the most complex roof designs. On whatever type of project they are used, they have many advantages over other framing methods:

  • Roof trusses typically use less lumber than conventionally built roofs. By some estimates, as much as 40% less material.
  • Roof trusses offer longer clear spans. This allows greater design flexibility in the placement of interior walls.
  • All of our roof trusses are engineered with a substantial safety factor. Traditional conventional framing is typically based more on historical practices and less on engineered designs. A trussed roof is a safer product.
  • Roof trusses save labor. Since all trusses come properly labeled and are prefabricated components, jobsite time is substantially reduced.
  • Roof trusses reduce jobsite pilferage.

FLOOR TRUSSES: Mainely Trusses floor trusses offer many advantages over conventional framing methods:

  • Longer clear spans than conventional framing offering greater flexibility in floor plan layout.
  • Longer spans can help eliminate interior beams, posts and footings. Helping reduce the overall floor system cost.
  • Open web design allows easier and quicker installation of plumbing, hvac and electrical systems. The ability to use the “inside” of the truss creates a cleaner look to the ceiling below.
  • Floor trusses save jobsite labor and decrease floor deck installation time.
  • Wide 3 1/2” nailing surface for easy deck application.

TECHNICAL DOCUMENTS: Below you will find links to PDF files and websites that offer a variety of useful facts regarding the design, construction and installation of trusses.




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