Celebrating Deb Edwards’ 21-Years of Service!

January 29, 2021 5:10 pm Comments Off on Celebrating Deb Edwards’ 21-Years of Service!

Today, on her last day of work before her well-deserved retirement, we celebrated Deb Edwards’ outstanding career and 21-years of service at Hancock Lumber.

Wendy Scribner spoke and reflected on Deb’s contributions here at Hancock Lumber throughout her two-decades of service. Deb’s unwavering positivity, dedication to her work, and enthusiastic spirit stand out to everyone who has had a chance to work with her.

“Deb, we so appreciate everything you’ve done for Hancock Lumber. Your service, your loyalty, and how you’ve gone about your work is so special. You are one of the nicest people who always brings wonderful, positive characteristics to work everyday. And, I just want to reflect personally…in these 21-years, I don’t think I have passed you without being greeted with a fantastic smile, a fantastic hello, and a fantastic, ‘How are you doing?’! I just can’t say how much you’ve done for Hancock Lumber’s morale. You are the friendliest person and that means so much to so many of us here. We wish you well, and congratulations on your retirement.”

In 2014, Deb received the annual Employee of the Year award for the office team. Given annually to a select group of Hancock Lumber employees, this award celebrates employees whose positive attitude, commitment to quality, and focus on customer service combine to serve as a living example of the core values of our company. Employee of the Year award recipients are held in high regard by their peers and set a standard for enthusiastic and effective work for others to respect and emulate. In recognizing employees with this award, Hancock Lumber thanks each person for his or her exceptional contributions to the company and looks to each recipient as a leading example of what the Hancock spirit represents.

In our annual Roots + Branches recognition edition Deb’s contributions to the company were summarized with this:

Every day Debbie Edwards has a positive and respectful way of going about her work at the Admin Office in the Accounts Payable department. She is committed to the quality of her work and responsibilities. She works diligently through any hurdle with a positive attitude. She always has a great big smile for everyone around the office and helps keep the office upbeat every day. She is a wonderful co-worker and a pleasure to have as a teammate. Congratulations, Debbie, on earning employee of the year.

What’s amazing about Deb’s commitment is those words have rung true each and every day she’s worked at Hancock Lumber. To close out our celebration, company President, Paul Wainman, continued recognizing Deb’s amazing 21-years of service on Team Hancock:

“Things change, but what’s consistent is your approach, Deb. Your dedication to this company, your approach to work, and your friendliness… you are so full of life and so happy every day. Your colleagues appreciate that. Thank you on behalf of Hancock Lumber, on behalf of the owners, on behalf of Hancock’s Board of Directors, and every single one of your colleagues – all 562 of them! Have fun, and go out and do the things you want to. Hopefully you can travel again soon!”

When COVID is over, Deb, you’ll have to come back for a round of hugs –  something we all wish we could have given you today!

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