Capturing Nature’s Beauty: Bringing the Outside In

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As a building materials supplier, we make it a priority to connect with homeowners and builders on recently completed projects as a way of bringing together the materials we are sourcing, the design process, and construction and implementation of these products and ideas. As we traveled from the mountains of New Hampshire to the lakes and coast of Maine last fall, a clear theme emerged in these newly constructed and recently renovated homes. What makes Maine and New Hampshire such desired places to live? In all of these projects, the homeowners, builders, and architects have captured our surrounding natural beauty, bringing what we love so much about where we live into the home.

Richard Moody & Sons Construction utilized the Andersen line of folding exterior doors on multiple balconies at their recent new construction project, just steps from the ocean in southern Maine. A different approach to removing the lines between indoors and out, these moving glass walls, when open, fold up to beautifully frame the ocean view. When closed, they create a stately wall of light. In the kitchen, beautiful light floods the space from the patio door and oversized window facing the marsh view. The mixed use of white and gray cabinetry, along with the furniture finish on the appliances and full height crown moulding, highlight our kitchen designer’s talent in bringing the homeowner’s vision to life. Finding ways to bring the outside in to the space through design, materials, and construction truly creates a natural integration.

Up the coast, tucked into a mature lot of land in Cape Elizabeth, the strikingly innovative window and door products bring function, beauty, and seamless integration of nature into the home’s interior. This window and door line frames a beautiful canvas of landscape work. Natural elements in stone and woodwork throughout this home further reinforce the relationship between the home and the land. Timber framer, Andy Buck, created a unique ceiling detail, combined with a nickel gap pine in a way that beautifully blends rustic charm in a modern application.

Speaking of pine, Hancock eastern white pine is our signature product and has been since 1848. This slow growth, durable softwood is a time-tested building material used here in the Pine Tree state, throughout New England, around the country, and even the world. Not only do we manufacture the products locally at our 3 sawmills throughout the state, nearly 80% of what we source for logs is within a 50 mile radius of those mills and 100% is sourced here in New England. The time-tested quality and natural beauty of this indigenous species complements today’s modern design approach just as much as it did hundreds of years ago in homes. With endless combinations of textures, patterns, and finishes, Hancock’s Eastern White Pine products are one of the most cost effective and environmentally responsible ways to capture the essence of Maine in your new home.

This recent kitchen remodel is a fantastic example of how pine can be incorporated into a very modern aesthetic. Check out the bold, cobalt blue appliances against the cool gray nickel gap pine ceilings and walls! Sometimes bringing the outside in means exactly that – increasingly, we’ve seen current trends lean toward more creative, modern ways pine is being used, going beyond the rustic camp design. Hancock’s kitchen designer, Karen Alcorn, pushed her creativity in this space, utilizing bold lines, color, and incorporating multiple uses in the space.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post featuring additional completed project photo shoots! If you have a Hancock supplied job you’d like us to consider for a photo shoot, please contact Marketing + Communications Director, Erin Plummer at

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