National Kitchen + Bath Month: A Pop of Color

November 1, 2019 10:29 am Comments Off on National Kitchen + Bath Month: A Pop of Color

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Our designers have spoken. Color is in and we are excited! Opportunities for individuality lie ahead. From earthy tones to bright blues and deep greens, our designers say that this long-awaited shift in color and style is a fun way to liven up a kitchen space.

Expressing style through color…

Recently, homeowners are more comfortable expressing their own style through color than they were in the past. Karen Alcorn, from our Design Showroom in Kennebunk, helped a customer who fell in love with the Green Tea color–from Plain & Fancy Cabinetry–design the perfect kitchen space. The color looks great with different types of wood and gives the kitchen a unique, individual element of charm and design. The color also contributes to what Karen describes as, “a soothing and refreshing atmosphere.” With a house nestled in the woods, the soft green was a perfect way to tie in the natural surroundings, while maintaining a sense of elegance the customer wanted.

Some homeowners, however, are not quite ready to completely jump into bright, bold colors all over the kitchen. And, that’s okay! Our designers have tips and tricks for those who may feel a little hesitant. 

Make it work for YOU

Berta Campbell, Hancock Lumber
Windham Kitchen Design Showroom

Hancock Lumber designer, Berta Campbell, acknowledges this trend may be intimidating to some. She suggests that mixing and matching is a safe way to get started! For example, try introducing color in the island and keeping the cabinets a natural color. Then, tie the space together with a fun backsplash or hardware.

Another tip is to work with earthy colors and create a two-toned effect. Cabinet companies are starting to develop new stains for wood. As opposed to traditional orange-based stains, these are much more natural. By being strategic with which stains are paired, designers can create different visual effects. These effects can add a fun, unique element to the space. As a result the kitchen feels more modern while also holding on to notes from the past and evoking a sense of timelessness.

Work with earthy colors and create a two-toned effect.
Introduce color in the island and keep the cabinets a natural color.

Thanks for following along! Keep an eye out for our next post on backsplashes and accent walls!

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