Thank You, Veterans! Honoring Those Who Have Served…

November 11, 2016 12:47 am Comments Off on Thank You, Veterans! Honoring Those Who Have Served…

Honoring those who have served: thank you, veterans!

Thank you, veterans! We wanted to take a moment to say, “thank you”, and honor all veterans who have served in the military, defending and protecting our country and freedom. Hancock Lumber is proud to employ many veterans at our lumberyard and sawmill facilities throughout Maine and New Hampshire. We are honored that they have chosen to be a part of Team Hancock, bringing valuable skills, knowledge, leadership, and passion to our workplace.

“The military taught me many things that directly cross over to my work here at Hancock Lumber: leadership, discipline, attention to detail, and how to have a good work ethic. We learned to work together as a team and to respect each other. We learned how to take on a leadership role and how to apply authority. Getting to work on time was important as well. In the Air Force just getting to work on time was “getting to work late”. We needed to be on station at least 5 minutes prior to start time. We were taught that there is always someone that knows more or less than you, and the best approach is to learn and pass on the knowledge.”

– Justin Bean, Hancock Bethel Moulder Team, Aerospace Propulsion Technician, U.S. Air Force

“Everyone has the same opportunity to be a leader.”

– Kevin Raven, Hancock Lumber Sawmill HR Manager, USNR

“Teamwork, commitment, problem solving and communication are the key training skills that I acquired in the Navy that have carried over into my work. I was employed 17 years ago with Hancock Lumber and the company has allowed me to learn and improve my skills in the lumber manufacturing process. As I grow with the company they open doors for other challenges that allow me to continue to grow professionally.”

– Jack Bowen, Hancock Sawmill Sales Team, U.S. Navy

“There is a great deal of power to be tapped in creating an organization where everybody leads. . .where everybody makes decisions. . . where everybody’s empowered.”

– Kevin Hancock

Honoring All Who ServedNovember 11th • Veteran’s Day: A celebration to honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

Did you know?  Maine is home to the first veterans facility developed by the United States government. Togus, located in Chelsea, Maine, is a facility operated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. A facility originally built as a resort hotel, the complex housed Union veterans of the American Civil war prior to being converted to a veterans hospital. In 1865, President Lincoln signed an act creating the National Asylum (later changed to Home) for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, and Togus was the first facility in the country to open. On November 10, 1866 Togus admitted its first veteran.

From all of us at Hancock Lumber, thank you, veterans for your service!

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